Guest Book/Newsletters

Dear Louis,

Thank you so much for a very successful hunt!  My family and I truly appreciate all that you and your staff did to make our trip to South Africa so memorable.  Your ability to not only accommodate, but teach and encourage those of us with different levels of hunting experience was extremely helpful.  You created an amazing first-African-hunt experience for my son; one that he will never forget.  We also really enjoyed working with a PH that is local to the area.  You were able to provide a perspective and and context for many social and cultural differences we observed. That understanding allowed for very comfortable and enjoyable conversation and exchange with people we met at various concessions.  It made us feel like we were more than just tourists. As for tourist activities, thank you also for the trip to the Grahamstown festival.  I should have bought more!

Warmest regards,


The hunt was a fabulous experience. It was great to spend many days outside disconnecting from the day-to-day grind into the states. The hunting was second to none and the facilities were world-class. I will be back!



Our stay in Africa was an amazing experience that we both totally enjoyed. We thought this would probably be our first and only trip to Africa but soon realized that we definitely wanted to return. The lodge was not only beautiful but very comfortable as well. Thank you Louis for your patience and dedication to the hunt. You made our safari an experience that we will not soon forget.


I want to again thank you for a great hunt for both myself and my grandson, who I don’t think will ever forget such a great adventure. I don’t think my grandson could have had a more exciting and a “real” hunting experience you provided with all the stealth stalking to get within shooting range of the animals he shot.
He also very much appreciated the tourists stop allowing him to see and touch the Indian Ocean, yet another great experience for a 12-year old.”
As for me I obtained my desired animals based on your knowledge and expertise as to where to hunt those species to add to my
tiny ten collection.”
“Thanks again for the tremendous adventure in South Africa. We had a great time and enjoyed making new friends.”


Just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience in South Africa!  You were both so hospitable and we could not be happier that  we chose Bodill East Cape Safaris  for our first hunting trip abroad.  You have set the bar really high for any other countries we decide to visit going forward.  You went above and beyond to meet our needs and expectations.  The side trips to the salon, the festival, the ocean and the elephant park were so nice and we really got to experience so much of your wonderful country because you were so generous with your time! “

We made it home safe and sound!  Cape town was a wonderful experience, as was the whole adventure.  Your hospitality was one of the most touching experience our family has ever had.  Thank You.

The trip was good, Planning next year already