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  1. Gorgeous card Mandy 🙂 All the details are just sooo pretty :-)I have been to a few craft fairs and yes, thats typical but as I was there mainly to meet other crafty peeps I didn't mind not buying much. I prefer to buy from SSS and have it shipped ,, soo much easier than carrying it back with me :-)luvLols x x x

  2. o único problema da conjuntura actual é o facto de o porto e, principalmente, o braga sairem a ganhar desta situaçao. se servisse para inverter esta situacao preferiria que o sporting começasse a vencer todos os jogos ( sem contar contra nós, claro).

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  4. I agree with the following users:–Steve Johnston–seoer–Iwein Dekoninck–anniecushing–techseo–Pittbug–Steve–JessicaI'd like to have back the ability to see all the errors. 1000 is not enough. In the case of my site, I've got hundreds of thousands of errors for URLs that are now working and I want to mark them all as fixed. I have to clear them one-by-one over days and weeks and months? Even an API or something would be fine. I just want to mark them as fixed.

  5. The color effects classic soft focus is attractive because it doesn’t have that over processed look and the next process using the silver effex is filled with drama because of the accentuated detailing. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to create many looks/feelings from the same original image. Great job Leanne and thanks for sharing this project!

  6. The word is out : now it’s important that it gets around, bringing up the subject of GMO’S and the adverse health effects in can do has to be spread far and wide. One comment someone made hit the nail on the head, not buying the products, is the sure fire way to get their intention. If the farmers want to grow that crap, let the farmers eat it.

  7. Peteru69November 17, 2012I was about to comment on Ryuuken, but realized he made the comment 5 months ago.ctrl+paint, Pencilkings, idrawgirls (where I started, but not necessarily the best way at all.) Sinixdesign (on youtube), Sycra (on youtube and pencilkings), and of course FZDschool which is great here on youtube.Daarkens own site and Gnomon-workshop stuff is also great. Feng Zhu and Brad Rigney on gnomon or conceptart (dotz) orgso much material out there for rendering/painting, hard to miss!

  8. I hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

  9. …[Reply] i got news for you idiots who dont realize what kind of power a sheriff has. a sheriff has the power to issue a warrant for Obamas arrest by every police officer in the nation and return said person to this state to answer to the courts for said warrant. so fog blower try your bull somewhere else. a warrant is a demand that every officer arrest and hold said crook till they are returned to the state where the warrant was issued November 28, 2011 7:44 PM "Newsflash for you… sheriffs can't issue warrants, only judges do.

  10. [21] wtfHave to take issue. I pointed out some time back that there were expats who were not primarily tax motivated. You identified some of these, which are indirectly tax enforcement related although there is no suggestion that these expats save taxes by leaving.I did note that everyone who makes the list is rich and covered by the HEART act. It is reasonable to conclude that these expats are more tax motivated than the unlisted expats, but that isn’t to suggest that all expats, or even all listed expats, are pure tax-patriates.

  11. Hi, I’m a junior in high school. I am currently taking ap chem, Spanish 3 honors, ap art history, asb, ap calc 2 and ap language and composition. I currently have a B in ap art history and am struggling to maintain it. Art history has nothing to do with my future major. Should I drop it for my second semester?

  12. I ordered 10 softback copies of my book for friends & family and I haven’t had any problems – how big was your book? Mine was only 40 pages or so, I’ve been thinking of a bigger project, but if their quality starts to fail for bigger books…

  13. Thanks a ton for such informative insights into the future of the GMAT. The only question that comes to my mind is the time GMAC would take to incorporate these changes, or have these changes already been incorporated. How relevant are these changes for someone, who is scheduled to take the GMAT within the next 2 months?

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  17. My bad on Channel 4. In America, we pretty much think there’s only one television channel in England called “BBC” that produces everything. We also think Winston Churchill has been Prime Minister for the last 100 years and that tourists are always running over Eric Idle on his bike.However, I just discovered that “The Inbetweeners” is available on Netflix streaming so I will certainly check it out.

  18. I always appreciate the effort you put into your posts, Sawsan!We love freekeh in this house, of course. But I’ve never tried your walnut trick – that sounds like it adds such a toasty, nutty flavor. I’ll definitely be trying that. Also, it’s great how you’ve added the Western element of peas and carrots. Great touch

  19. Na verdade o calçadão de RDO é em porcelanato e não mármore e, já está todo quebrado pelos skatistas…Mesmo assim não acredito que tirar os royalties dos municípios traria uma melhor aplicação para o restante do Brasil. O que tem que ser discutido é a transparência na aplicação dos recursos, fiscalização e punição por má aplicação.

  20. Mon cher Franois, rejeter l’homoparentalité c’est aussi rejeter l’homo qui est parent non?Votre argument tente de justifier l’homophobie exprimé par les manifestants et c’est pathétique. Et en quoi des parents hétéro serait non préjudiciable à l’enfant? Est-ce que d’avoir des parents hétéro garanti un plein épanouissement de l’enfant? C’est vraiment très drôle et sans fondement.Plutôt que de donner des leçon, vous devriez apprendre la vie!

  21. Great post. I was smiling while reading it. Luckily we live in a very urban area and mostly eat out at Vegan friendly restaurants, but when we are out of the country, boy it’s rough!Thanks for commenting on my blog because it lead me to yours! :)xoxo

  22. Det där kanske inte är en novemberkaktus utan en pÃ¥skkaktus, det är bara lite sen pÃ¥sk i Ã¥r! 🙂 Sjalen ser jättefin ut och vilken tur att garnet räkte, sen fÃ¥r du fundera pÃ¥ ett restgarnsprojekt för det som blev över! 😉

  23. Ha-ha, yes, on the other side of the road. I agree with your blog that more should be done for all the people coming all the way to Chinatown to enjoy. It is a tough challenge, but it would be great if the performers could perform, and then, parade down the road, ala Disneyland style. It would certainly heighten the atmosphere.Yup, too many distractions lately. (^^)

  24. A “műre a koronát az új választási törvény teszi fel, mely lehetetlenné teszi a kormány demokratikus úton történÅ‘ leváltását.” Ezt nem teljesen értem. (A) Módosult a 21. cikk az Alaptörvényben? (B) Vagy csak arról az aggodalomról van szó, hogy a külhoni állampolgároknak megadott szavazati jog a jelenlegi formációnak látszik kedvezni?

  25. diet really doesn’t make much difference…but it helps to stay away from things that cause irritation (everyone is different..just trial and error). Good luck to your sister…hope and pray she does well with treatment. I know how difficult this disease can be and my heart goes out to her!God Bless!

  26. calculations for equity lost from U.S. Homeownership is approx. $13 Trillion +/- 10%. This capital evaporated into thin air in approx. 4-5 years and is “Gone”!!!The American taxpayers/citizens of the poor, and middle class were literally raped by the world’s Oligarchy!We as American citizenry, figuratively and literally pay the World’s Military Bill’s…finance their failures on our “Dime”? (We cannot continue to shoulder the rest of the World’s responsibility!)PS. The Federal Reserve is bankrupting our country. The government can’t accomplish nothing…we must demand it, period!

  27. The DOW has been a bad investment for the entire decade. The runup from 03 to 07 is nothing when you factor on REAL inflation. If everyone is so mad about oil people profiting, they should invest in it themselves. Instead, they invest in the Dow and scream bloody hell that oil and commodities are profiting.

  28. Good advice; I usually forget to do it til it’s too late (esp my asters!)Have a question re phlox? My tall phlox suddenly wilts at times and withers away, sometimes it regenerates itself. Two plants side by side-one is healthy, other comes and goes. ANy ideas? Poss something eating/chewing on the roots? Out of a total of 6 phlox only 1 is affected.

  29. I do understand your logic. I just think it is too soon to draw any firm conclusions in either direction. I don’t approve of MacDonald’s theory though. Britain might be different, but remember that even the Scottish mercenary George Sinclair used the German/Swiss dussacke during e.g. the Kalmar War. It was even named after him afterwards. And this has been expressely claimed to have influenced the basket-hilt claymores.

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  31. Actually, the reason I didn’t use 2004 was because I wanted an example of a strong Democrat and a strong Republican to show the difference. I was thinking of either doing 1988 or 2000 for the strong Republican, but I decided that 2000 was better as it was more recent.

  32. Merve diyor ki:izmir yeşilova/bornovoda ikamet ediyorum..evde boncuk..ip kesme..v.b işler yapabilirim.iğne oyası.örgü..dantel..işlerinden anlarım..verilecek işleri 3 arkadaşla birlikte yapacaz.aynı semtte oturuyoruz..

  33. Regardless of ones politics or who they support, is anyone else, especially Democrats, troubled by the fact that the mainstream media taught us more about Joe the Plumber’s background (for simply asking a presidential candidate if he would raise his taxes, fair question) than they have a democratic presidential candidate. I know Hannity scrutinizes Obama, Colmes does to McCain, etc., but those are commentators and opinionists. I’m talking reporters.

  34. Ce raisonnement ma paraît être plus proche de valeurs « de droite ».Mais dans les valeurs « de droite » il y a en tête de liste le « patriotisme ».Est-ce patriotique de quitter son pays chéri quand ça va mal.Cherchez l’erreur.(Mon avis est que pour la droite la gauche n’est pas légitime pour gouverner la France. Mais il ne faut pas avoir peur de le dire.)

  35. Não deixa de ser curiosa a nomeação de pessoas ligadas intimamente ao que se diz ter sido mal feito do antecedente.Isso e só haver nacionalização dos prejuízos como no caso do BPN como se a massa se pudesse esfumar…Os "independentes" colocados em áreas para esfolar o contribuinte e a rapaziada "eleita" nos lugares de "negociação".Tomem atenção porque julgo ser a "última oportunidade".Se falhar talvez venham outros muito menos compreensivos com as roubalheiras e com essa coisa do "legal"

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  39. The first superstar that Winnipeg got to know was Dale Hawerchuk?Wasn't there a guy who scored like 7000 goals for the Jets before Hawerchuk came around? Started out in Chicago, maybe? I think he also had a brother and son who were decent players. Nickname had something to do with a jet?This ringing a bell with you?

  40. innanzitutto che tutto questo e' merito/colpa tua… :-)Prima di tirare in ballo cose piu' complicate (poi le guardiamo magari!), proviamo a risolvere quelle piu' semplici con due fotoni? Dacci una mano su questo esperimento basato su cose che hanno decine di anni, le cose fresche fresche appena sperimentate magari potrebbero non essere una base solida su cui ragionare… Non mi avete sempre insegnato a dubitare dei claims? 🙂

  41. Laura and Barry, I congratulate you! What a fabulous job putting this together. Laura, I read the story before on your blog and thought it amazingly creepy then and loved it. Now, Barry's voice takes it to another level. What a great team!

  42. Me too – SO ready. It’s like, when you go into the garage attic and see all the Christmas stuff in there, for a good deal of the year it all just looks pitiful and worn out and out of place. But come late October, and suddenly, there’s magic in that thar garage, and everything up there sparkles with promise.

  43. Une erreur s’est glissée dans la première partie de l’article.Ce n’est pas Henry Fairfield Osborn qui a écrit la planète au pillage, mais son fils, Henry Fairfield Osborn Jr. Henry Fairfield Osborn est décédé en 1935 à l’âge de 78 ans. Il n’a donc pas pu écrire ce livre en 1948, à l’âge de 92 ans. Son fils était naturaliste et non paléontologue.

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  45. I am so sorry for your loss. I knew Stu when we were grad students at Ohio State. We both finished in the same year. He was one of the smartest and witty people around, in a department full of of smart and witty people. He will be missed.Phil AdamoAssociate Professor of HistoryAugsburg College, Minneapolis

  46. Goldrake scrive:22 febbraio 2012 alle 11:37    Pazzesco… Sono loro la causa di un disastro sociale di cui ancora non abbiamo visto tutti gli effetti (che peraltro stiamo pagando di tasca nostra) e ci dicono ancora di tutto, quasi quotidianamente… Pazzesco.

  47. What kind of soup are you having?I owuld do a pumpkin/squash soup then serve it in th epumpkin, that would also fit your theme, and squash are cheap. Buy them this summer at the farmers market, they are WAY cheap then and you can keep then for months at a time.Or uy them at the farmers market, pre cook a bit and freeze.

  48. Nice job man. Way to be? an entrepreneur…I plan on doing the same type of thing in Chicago IL, where I’m going to school for video post production. Do you do torrents? I’d love a torrent on a few of the things I saw in this. Keep up the good work and good luck in Phoenix.

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  50. Replico brevemente a anniballo delle 13:10.In effetti, questa è la differenza fondamentale tra l’ateista onesto e il cristiano: il secondo ha veramente “fede” nella ragione, cioè nella capacità che questa ha di concepire e di interagire con il reale, mentre il primo rimane come accecato e un po’ “perso” in una realtà che lo sorpassa e di cui non può (e non vuole) capire il senso.In Pace

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  54. omg, im really stuffed by just looking at all the food!!funny thing i learnt about abalone this CNY..apparently some1 taught us to throw the whole can, including the can into boiling water for a couple of minutes..take out the can, and open..and the abalone is ready to serve!

  55. Pour ma part, quand je préparais mon mariage, je ne souhaitais pas prendre de photographe. Je trouvais ça trop cher. Jusqu’au jour où j’ai trouvé THE photographe, celui qui ne faisait pas les photos et albums classique complètement dépassé. Et du coup, j’y ai mis le prix et aujourd’hui je ne regrette pas du tout, je feuillette avec plaisir mon album.P.S : quand je vois les photos que mes proches ont prises, je suis contente d’avoir pris un photographe !

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